Introverts Can Run A Business Too

Business Ideas for Introverts

As an entrepreneur I have tried MANY ideas, some did not work so well. Also, as an introvert and occasional extrovert, I have always tried to “do sales” and I just couldn’t. When I changed my perspective and found products that would give me the opportunity to “serve others”, that was a Game Changer.  

Many of the ideas below are service oriented, and do not require convincing a person of their need for a product that could change their lives.  Each time that I have been able to be of service to a person or group of people, my job is no longer a “job”. It is truly an adventure.  That is why I love being an entrepreneur.  I have tried the 9-5 and Big Corporate jobs, and they did not work, as the Entrepreneurial Spirit does not get fed there.

If you have been bitten with that Spirit you know what I am talking about. If you want to get bit stick around, join us on the journey, share your journey with us and you’ll be well on your way. 


When I changed my perspective and found products that would give me the opportunity to "serve others", that was a Game Changer.

Introverts are powerful in their own right.

They are productive thinkers with strong opinions who can achieve great lengths. Despite what the media says — often stereotyping them as “shy” or “socially awkward” — introverts can make great business leaders and entrepreneurs. In fact, many successful business leaders are introverts, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett.
Here are some GREAT ideas:
  1. Graphic designer:  Startup costs & Equipment up to $1,000 – computer, design software
  2. Coder: Startup costs & Equipment – up to $1,000 – computer, training courses
  3. Online retail consigner: Startup costs & Equipment – up to $1,000 – digital camera, computer
  4. Instagram consultant: Startup costs & Equipment $100 to $500 – smartphone with a good digital camera
  5. Writer/copy writer:  Startup costs & Equipment up to $1,000 – computer
  6. Online blogger: Startup costs & Equipment up to $1,000 – computer
  7. Technical writer:  Startup costs & Equipment up to $1,000 – computer
  8. Landscape photographer:  Startup costs & Equipment up to $1,000 – high-quality digital camera
  9. Music teacher: Startup costs & Equipment up to $100 – musical instrument, sheet music
  10. Business and life counselor: Startup costs & Equipment up to $1,000 – life coach certification (not required)
  11. College application advisor: Startup costs & Equipment up to $1,000 – computer
  12. Online tutor: Startup costs & Equipment up to $1,000 – computer

They are the ones who prefer listening to speaking, reading to partying; who innovate and create but dislike self-promotion; who favor working on their own over brainstorming in teams.

What business ideas have you tried or are working for you? What about those that didn't work?

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Victoria has a B.S. in Adult Training and Learning Technologies from the University of New Mexico. She has trained adults and young adults in various capacities: computers, business, entrepreneurism, bookkeeping, website building, marketing and other web related tasks. She has also taught acting, motivation, and drug and alcohol awareness. A total geek, she is self-taught in HTML, CSS, and WordPress, which she LOVES!!! She has worked in the marketing and promotion of individuals, organizations and companies for over twenty years. She has managed, directed and produced projects large and small. Being purposed and called to Love And Serve others, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, and JOY of working with her AMAZING husband, have finally come together in their two latest projects: Sober Directory and New Now Village (A Sober Tiny House Community). These two, in-depth projects may very well be their greatest opportunity to be truly used.

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