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New Now is a For Impact Brand.

Partnering with us for your online needs allows you to make a difference in the lives of others, both localy and globally.

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Programs that foster the recovery of people, animals, and materials, through encouragement, love, art, and advocacy.

A Sober Tiny House Community, and the heart and home of The New Now Foundation.

A place to share your stories of Hope and creative expression. Together WE recover.

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Help a Nonprofit

When you choose New Now Hosting, 25% of your monthly fees go to support a vetted Nonprofit of your choice.

+ WP Care Plans

= No Headaches*

We handle your site while you handle your business.

*okay…okay…less headaches…it is technology after all!  But we are here to help!

**WordPress Support included in WP Care Plans

We do our best to provide products and services that give folks good things to say, and sometimes they say it. We LOVE that. Thank you MUCHO to ALL that support the New Now Brand, we truly appreciate you . 

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We are web designers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, work at home-ers, pro designers, programming geeks & awesome forward thinkers PURPOSED to inspire hope and spark momentum!

We host/design websites, uncover authenticity, build brands, and actuate purpose. Our goal is to reach the empathic understanding of your various audiences by being fascinating curators of your brand.


We give folks somn’ good to talk about behind your back.

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From time to time we will drop some relevant knowledge here on the Blog, so be sure and check back every once in a while. Don’t be a stranger. You might catch some wisdom from a New Now Designer or some helpful tips, tricks, and things to advance your digital game from a guest story teller.

If you’re interested in sharing some hopeful and helpful info, please hit us up.