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New Now Creative: Hosting that Helps

We are SUPER grateful you decided to check things out further.

As a For Impact Brand, making a difference really matters to us. It’s our personal and professional bottom line,  so we incorporate it into our business model as creatively as we can. When we can use our talents and influence to serve the greater good, the quality of life improves for others, so we do it. Thank you so much for your interest in New Now, and choosing to engage in commerce that helps. The efforts of the New Now Brand are structured to create opportunities for those in need and to support some wonderful causes.

If you are a business wanting to switch hosting and help a Nonprofit, click “Switch Hosting Now”.  If you are a Nonprofit wanting to switch and register to receive recurring Rewards click “Nonprofit Register Now.”

Our model is structured to draw recurring donations to Nonprofit Organizations, through referrals. That’s it.


When you switch to “New Now Hosting,” we will donate 25% of your monthly fees to a *Vetted Nonprofit 501(c)3 of your choice. (For every $100 you spend, we donate $25 to a chosen NP Recipient.) 

For *Vetted Nonprofits, “Making the Switch” qualifies them to receive 25% of the monthly hosting fees paid by every referral that selects them as their rewards recipient. With a strong support system of contacts and donors, the “ask” can be small, but the potential to scale is considerable.    

Most Companies spend from $600 to $2,400 + a year on Hosting.

  1. NPs that make the switch, win. (better price/better service/scalability potential)
  2. Their Referrals Win. (better price/better service/a new way to make an impact)
  3. NP wins again and again… (Monthly Residual Donations each time their referrals make payments) 
  4. We win (New Clients) and funding for The New Now Foundation

This could really benefit both of our orgs, and as a brand new foundation we could REALLY use support! We are SUPER grateful for our team and talents that allow us to share abundance in this exchange.

Our Foundation’s HeART Project is a Sober Tiny House Community  Our focus is The Reclaiming, Recovering, and Repurposing of People, Animals, and Materials.

This Referral Program alone stands to help us, quite a bit in our infancy.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

*Vetted Nonprofits – NP’s in good standing for multiple years, supporting altruistic missions, and serving the greater good.

    New Now Foundation Co-Founders

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