Artists Online: Social Media Is Your Friend

Taya Morgan Moore Artist Rihanna

Staying Socially Active is important. And yup, “Use it or lose it” applies here too. Over the years I have read many pieces on the complexities of creative people, and I am very aware, because I are one. The pendulum can swing preTTy far on the disorder spectrum, but I’m not a doctor, just a […]

Hobby vs Business

Knitting, Photography, Acting, Film-making, Woodworking and more… There are many GREAT hobbies that are seemingly ripe and ready to be turned into businesses. However, just because they are fun and enjoyable, does not mean that they must become a source of income. If you are one that is determined to turn one or more of your passions into full fledged […]

Sell On Amazon? Yes!


Information is widely available, however, information that is engaging and worth paying for is hard to find. Do you have information stored in your left brain? Right Brain? With knowledge and know-how one can take that stored information and create products. Ebooks and audio books are great profitable items easily sold on Amazon. There are […]