Building Our Brand While At Work

Now that we have become our brand, being a business is a full time gig. We can set our own hours and make our own online decisions.  As for larger companies, they are trying to find their way, setting boundaries and enforcing conduct contracts while their employees tweet their way through the day. Can a […]

Photography: Art Or Business?

Take a picture it lasts longer, is what they said. See things differently is what I say.   If you have ever spent any time behind the lens, you have more than likely wondered about the viability of your creative language of captured images, and asked yourself many questions. Is my photography for me, you, or […]

9 Steps Toward More Effective Meetings

Effective Meetings

I like efficiency I dislike wasting your time, and of course, having my time wasted.  My husband and I attended a meeting recently…we arrived early and lo-and-behold the event did not start on time.  Why?  An event of 20 people had to wait over 45 minutes for two, yes 2, people to arrive to the event. […]

Financial Capital Or Bust – More Than Cash

Financial Capital

First of all, do you really need Financial Capital? Did you know that Financial Capital is NOT the end all be all in starting a business?  Yes, oh yes, don’t get me wrong it is definitely helpful. It is also welcomed at every turn (hint, hint). Why just now, in writing this article, another idea […]