The New Now Foundation is about second chances. Blessed to have received them ourselves, we gratefully do our best to create and provide them to others. With a combined 47 years of experience in active recovery, it has become our life’s work.

1. What do we feel most purposed and called to do?

2. When do we feel most happily and usefully whole?

The answer is clear. It has ALWAYS been when we are loving, serving, and recovery community building. And from these three things the idea for The New Now Foundation and a “Sober Tiny House Community” were born.

What does that even mean exactly? To keep things simple, it’s nothing more than a piece of property dedicated to building and sustaining a healthy and healing environment for individuals living in recovery. It’s NOT only a “Sober Living” in the conventional sense, but a supportive community for people doing their best to navigate their earlier stages of recovery, those in a life transition, and elders in their later stages of life.

Together we work to Reclaim, Recover, and Repurpose- People, Animals, and Materials.

Because our focus will be on living smaller in order to have Bigger lives and more time to give back, the residences will all be smaller alternative dwellings, such as Certified Tiny Homes on Wheels, Small Cabins, “A” Frames, and the like.  12 step meetings and workshops will be held onsite, as well as various job opportunities made available to our residents.