Great Leadership Codified

Sinek asks: “How do you explain when others are able to achieve things that seem to defy all of the assumptions?” Imagine 3 circles, each one inside of the other.   The outer (1st) being the “what” your company does. The next one in the (2nd) being the “how” your company accomplishes it’s task and what […]

Photography: Art Or Business?

Take a picture it lasts longer, is what they said. See things differently is what I say.   If you have ever spent any time behind the lens, you have more than likely wondered about the viability of your creative language of captured images, and asked yourself many questions. Is my photography for me, you, or […]

Never Wanted To Work For Anyone?

Gabrielle Jordan Williams never wanted to work for anyone! In the TEDx video “The Making of a Young Entrepreneur” Gabrielle mentions that her mother gave her the book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. The quote that stood out to her was: What would you do if you weren’t afraid? In her story she shares: […]

We Were Made To Be Awesome!

This Kid President Classic is still awesome! #SoulPancake and #KidPresident are so encouraging; their productions always lift my spirit and shift my perspective. “We All Need A Pep Talk”“Create Something Awesome!” What’s your favorite Pep Talk? Share your Awesomeness!

Excellence Is A Habit


Definitely Time to Start a New Habit This GREAT video explains what I have been doing to avoid success all these years! I was going to say “wrong” all these years, but I HAVE learned from my many mistakes. Perfectionism and reaching for ALL the shiny objects and ideas that are “going to work” instead […]

Financial Capital Or Bust – More Than Cash

Financial Capital

First of all, do you really need Financial Capital? Did you know that Financial Capital is NOT the end all be all in starting a business?  Yes, oh yes, don’t get me wrong it is definitely helpful. It is also welcomed at every turn (hint, hint). Why just now, in writing this article, another idea […]