Productivity Path

An amazing productivity jedipreneur once told me: Do just what’s in front of you, if what’s in front of you is just one thing. Jedipreneur Tweet This is easier said than done, especially when my daughter wants me to review some very important footage of a salsa dancing chihuahua, or my need to stalk my […]

Great Leadership Codified

Sinek asks: “How do you explain when others are able to achieve things that seem to defy all of the assumptions?” Imagine 3 circles, each one inside of the other.   The outer (1st) being the “what” your company does. The next one in the (2nd) being the “how” your company accomplishes it’s task and what […]

Building Our Brand While At Work

Now that we have become our brand, being a business is a full time gig. We can set our own hours and make our own online decisions.  As for larger companies, they are trying to find their way, setting boundaries and enforcing conduct contracts while their employees tweet their way through the day. Can a […]

From A One Man Show To Running A Team

Look before you leap-into building your business machine. Who hasn’t contemplated owning their own business, right?! I’m pretty sure most people have given it some thought, a few of us a little more than others. Some for legit reasons, and others not so much. Those of us that have imagined ourselves owning our own business, […]

9 Steps Toward More Effective Meetings

Effective Meetings

I like efficiency I dislike wasting your time, and of course, having my time wasted.  My husband and I attended a meeting recently…we arrived early and lo-and-behold the event did not start on time.  Why?  An event of 20 people had to wait over 45 minutes for two, yes 2, people to arrive to the event. […]