Credit Mistakes To Avoid

Working to earn and maintain great credit scores is a lot like trying to reach and maintain a healthy weight. It’s easy for some people and next to impossible for others, like me. Unknown Tweet Buying more than we need? Wanting more than we have? Spending for the fun of it?  These can all lead […]

Hobby vs Business

Knitting, Photography, Acting, Film-making, Woodworking and more… There are many GREAT hobbies that are seemingly ripe and ready to be turned into businesses. However, just because they are fun and enjoyable, does not mean that they must become a source of income. If you are one that is determined to turn one or more of your passions into full fledged […]

Can I Automate My Accounting?

I learned some bookkeeping along this entrepreneurial journey: Quickbooks, Quiken, Freshbooks and Wave as well as Excel. Doing the books was never a never a passion of mine, EVER. But numbers do need to be kept, crunched and balanced. Since we have recently gone paperless, we have researched more and more online solutions to help […]

Sell On Amazon? Yes!


Information is widely available, however, information that is engaging and worth paying for is hard to find. Do you have information stored in your left brain? Right Brain? With knowledge and know-how one can take that stored information and create products. Ebooks and audio books are great profitable items easily sold on Amazon. There are […]

Money Talk With Buffet

pink pig coin bank on brown wooden table

Who wouldn’t listen if Warren Buffet is giving Money Advice?   Most of these are Money 101 class rules. However, we always need a review for the test of life… Warren Buffett is a hugely successful investor, and his tips for investing are surprisingly accessible. Most of his methods are simple, straightforward and timeless. Here’s […]

Financial Capital Or Bust – More Than Cash

Financial Capital

First of all, do you really need Financial Capital? Did you know that Financial Capital is NOT the end all be all in starting a business?  Yes, oh yes, don’t get me wrong it is definitely helpful. It is also welcomed at every turn (hint, hint). Why just now, in writing this article, another idea […]